DIY ART Paint by Pixel Paint Sets

Use these DIY ART Paint Sets in combination with the free online app - to make unique high-quality pixel paintings - from any photo you choose.

It works on a 'Paint by Pixel' principle. Simply upload a photo and the software instantly transforms your image into a numbered grid. Print off the grid and fill-in the numbered squares with the numbered paints in good old-fashioned paint-by-number style.

Packs come with everything you need and contain professional-grade products - including 15 tones of coloured paints, a square-tipped ProArte paintbrush that fits the squares in your grids, card to print your grids on to - plus a 'handy hints' leaflet.

It couldn't be easier or more affordable to make a groovy hand-made work of art - especially as there's no artistic skill required. The pack contains enough paint to make several Paint-by-Pixel paintings.

Makes a great personal gift.